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GIVE A Little,

Change A Lot!

◦ Alcoholism ◦ Substance Use ◦ Mental Health ◦ Trauma ◦ Helping Others


Breathe Gives Back has ongoing and special events that provide professional growth, community connection, and support for a recovering lifestyle.

If you missed any of our past events, worry not. We’ve captured these remarkable moments and the wisdom they’ve brought forth.

Below, you can find a compilation of videos from our previous events.

BGB Presents: Vivian Rubio

BGB Presents: Dr. Ericha Scott

Breathe Gives Back presents: Wendy Adamson, Hannah Sward & Fawna Asfaw

Breathe Gives Back presenting: Michael Galyon

Breathe Gives Back presenting: Tony Redhouse

Breathe Presents: Stacee Reicherzer, PhD

Breathe Presents: Tom Horvath, PhD

Breathe Presents: Mellissa McCracken

Breathe Presents: Kevin Griffin